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内容摘要: 1. State Council Executive Meeting: It is necessary to adhere to a stable and neutral monetary policy and keep the economy operating within...

1. State Council Executive Meeting: It is necessary to adhere to a stable and neutral monetary policy and keep the economy operating within a reasonable range. Use directional RRR cuts and other monetary policy tools to enhance the ability of small-credit supply and expedite the landing of contracted debt-for-equity conversion projects; Credits for small and micro enterprises with a credit line of 5 million yuan or less were included in the scope of MLF eligible collateral; accreditation of domestically listed new drugs for domestic listing was accelerated, and promotion of anti-cancer drugs was accelerated to reduce prices, and pilots for centralized procurement of drugs were launched.

2. The Ministry of Finance: In the first five months, the economic operation continued to grow steadily; the national revenue of increased by 12.2% year-on-year, of which tax revenue increased by 15.8%, and the main taxes increased rapidly; the financial reaction to the economy was positive. The effective implementation of the policies has effectively promoted the steady and healthy economic and social development.

3. Affected by seasonal factors such as MPA semi-annual assessment, the volatility of funds surface increased. The central bank’s two MLF operations in June are intended to stabilize the cross-quarter funding. It is expected that liquidity will remain stable at the end of June. The Shibor majority rose on Wednesday, and the variety across the month continued to rise. Overnight, the Shibor rose by 2.9bp to 2.6190%, the Shibor rose by 1.3bp to 2.8220% for the 7th day, the Shibor rose by 2.3bp to 3.7130% for the 14th day, and the Shibor rose by 1.3bp to 4.1570% for the first month.

4. Treasury futures fell in the afternoon and the main contract for 10-year bonds fell by 0.47%, the biggest drop in the month. The 5-year main contract TF1809 fell 0.24%. Risk assets such as the stock market rebounded, and profit-earnings adjusted the bond market.

5. The Xinhua News Agency issued a statement saying that since the beginning of this year, in the face of intricate domestic and international situations, China's economy has continued to develop steadily, and high-quality development has achieved a good start. The person in charge of the relevant macroeconomic department believes that the favorable conditions for the promotion of high quality development continue to increase and the future of China’s economic development will improve.

6. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange officially initiated the signing of the new "Fund Listing Agreement." The person in charge of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange pointed out that efforts will be made to build the Shenzhen Stock Exchange fund market into a one-stop global asset allocation and wealth management platform with innovative characteristics, to achieve a balanced development of the stock, bond, fund and derivatives markets, and to promote the formation of a leading innovation support market. system.

7. The Central Bank and China Banking Regulatory Commission have intensively vocalized. The word “stable” and “good” has become a key word frequently mentioned by the financial regulatory authorities in China. Looking at various data released recently, this also confirms the view that China's monetary credit and social financing have grown moderately, and the cost of comprehensive social financing has steadily declined.

8. The China Foreign Exchange Trading Center, the National bank inter-bank lending center has recently issued the “Circular on the Implementation of Bond Anonymous Auctions Business” and has relevant details. Participating institutions should sign the “Investment Risk Investor Commitment Letter for Anonymous Bonds Auction Businesses”, knowing and owning the transaction risks, and committing to comply with relevant regulations, rules and industry guidelines.

9. It is reported that in order to further maintain and increase the value of the pension , the relevant departments are busy studying ways to expand the scope of pension insurance fund investment, including accelerating the implementation of the transfer of state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund; this year or fully start the urban and rural residents Pension Investment Fund commissioned investment; brewing tax incentives for corporate annuity and professional annuity investment; exploration of pension fund overseas investment and opening up individual investment options and so on.

10. Chongqing introduced a new energy vehicle subsidy policy for 2018, R≥300 pure electric vehicle is about 50% of the national standard of the same period, and the remaining models are 46% of the national standard of the same period; the new energy passenger vehicle subsidy standard is about 20 times the national standard of the same period. %; the fuel cell vehicle subsidy standard is about 40% of the national standard of the same period.





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